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The Yardstick difference

At Yardstick we know well-trained and well-tested people aren’t just safer. They’re more confident and more successful. Since 2005 we’ve used technology, rigour, and a lot of personality to train, test and verify millions of people.

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  • learners trained
  • 20+ awards won
  • 400+ testing centres
  • Offices across Canada
  • Industry leaders

Expert services and software

At Yardstick, we build everything the way we like to learn. We power our online testing and training with rigour, precision and science. We create and deliver it with personality, openness, even delight.

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Our story

When we launched Yardstick in 2005, we were a small practice exam company with a big idea: that rigorous and creative online testing and training could change whole industries. Since then, we grew, acquired, invented award-winning approaches to psychometrics, technology and certification. We’re still growing, still building a safer, more confident world, one learner at a time.

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