Finance, insurance, safety, health, government, outdoor education, regulatory bodies

Business overview

Courses designed with learner success in mind.

Methodical and creative instructional design builds life-changing eLearning. Mixing creativity with the latest thinking in cognitive and behavioural science is the surest way to create training that can transform your culture, your productivity, your safety record.

If you need eLearning to fulfill a regulatory requirement, we help with that too, through courses that captivate and even delight your learners. Well-trained learners are more confident about their skills and knowledge, and more likely to succeed.

Defensible and engaging eLearning

Yardstick’s award winning eLearning team will engage your learners and deliver results.

Engaging training means more learners finish and retain what they’ve learned. We want learners to be struck by the same spirit of of discovery and wonder, in their training, that strikes us as we make it. That’s why we use games, narratives, built-in assessments and custom media – videos, photos, graphics, animation – to power and personalize learners’ time with your training. We ensure learners can train on any device, in the most remote locations.

When public safety and security is at stake, we know you need to be sure your learners complete their training and are prepared to apply what they’ve learned. We build everything so we can defend it at every stage, with added levels of security such as virtual proctoring, learner verification and digital certification. We help you ensure your learners are who they say they are.

Features and services

  • Custom animation
  • Interactive simulations
  • Gamification
  • Mobile solutions
  • 3D immersive development
  • SCORM compliant
  • Translation and ESL
  • Custom video, photo and graphics
  • Professional acting and narration
  • Digital Alberta, CSTD and Brandon Hall award winners

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