The security and defensibility of in-person verification, brought online.

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Features & services
  • Automated and live learner identification
  • Biometric keystroke signature
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Verified credential management
  • Works with any LMS
Business overview

The security and defensibility of in-person verification, brought online.

Technology has changed the way we learn. Anyone can learn anything, anywhere. However, many of us have been slow to trust the benefits of online learning. It’s simply too difficult to ensure that learners are taking their training independently and without cheating.

LearnerVerified is a secure and scalable verification tool to confirm and track online learners’ credentials. With services like ID verification, biometric tracking and attendance monitoring, it’s a layer of defensible security that can be added to any SCORM compliant course, within any learning management system.


Online training saves time and resources, but it can come at a cost.

Without in-person verification, there’s always a risk that learners can ask someone else to complete their course for them, leave their desks while automated modules play, or otherwise claim a credential they have not earned.

This is learner fraud, and it threatens the safety and security of us all. When unqualified workers enter situations without adequate training, it can cost them their lives, harm the public customers, or destroy a company’s reputation.

LearnerVerified is user-friendly, offers a seamless learner experience, and provides training managers and providers with the peace of mind that their training is defensible and fair.

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