The simple, lightweight learning management system.

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Features & services
  • Simple course builder
  • Drag-and-drop website builder
  • One-page checkout, powered by Stripe
  • Easy course distribution
  • Smart workflows and reports
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social media sign-up, login and sharing
  • Digital badging and certification
Business overview

The simple, lightweight learning management system.

Have a course you want to sell or distribute online? Upload to RapidLMS and get started in minutes.

The platform is simple and powerful, with an intuitive dashboard for sellers and training managers alike. Smart workflows such as the simple course builder, drag-and-drop website builder, seamless course distribution, and seat tracking make online learning accessible, and can help you get your training program up and running right away.


Defensible online training, made easy.

The RapidLMS development team has spent years learning and perfecting a training system that is not only easy for learners, but secure and scalable for online distribution.

RapidLMS incorporates everything needed to sell and assign training. For sellers, there’s a sophisticated a e-commerce model, drag-and-drop storefront builder, elegant course catalogue, and same-day revenue payment. For training managers, the leading edge collaboration tools, smart workflows and reports, and built-in digital badge and credentialing model make training your staff easier than ever.

Unique learner accounts, password protection and data encryption protect learner identities, safeguarded on a securely held server.

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