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Features & services
  • Exam software
  • Psychometrics
  • Exam administration
  • Seamless exam booking
  • Candidate management
  • Bilingual consulting
  • Remote proctoring
  • 400+ test centres
  • NCTA compliant
Business overview

Canada’s leader in professional high-stakes testing.

Yardstick Assessment Strategies designs, delivers and interprets tests guided by psychometric science and a vital mission: to ensure students, candidates and professionals are ready. Working with a wide variety of regulators, associations, and private-sector companies, the full-service exam administration and proctoring team are experts in every possible test scenario.

With over three decades of organizational experience, Yardstick is an industry-leading innovator in testing and assessments. They share expertise freely, working with clients as partners to demystify psychometrics and improve testing outcomes for regulators and candidates alike.


Defensible exams build confidence and certainty.

So much depends on how well the people in our most vital industries are tested. It matters to candidates, too. They’re not just more qualified. They’re more confident about their skills and knowledge, more likely to succeed in achieving their dreams.

That’s why everything at Yardstick Assessment Strategies is built with candidate success, and psychometric rigour, in mind. Each exam is powered by precision and science, and delivered with professionalism, openness, and leading customer service.

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