Our people are our greatest resource.

Personality, precision, openness and a trademark curiosity. Our people are our greatest resource. Looking for job openings?

The Yardstick culture

At Yardstick we don’t just make software.

Our culture is defined by the great people who work here and by a sense of deep purpose and shared values. When you walk into our offices, it is clear that we’ve created something special. People are happy and energized, the place hums, and there is a palpable sense of excitement in the air. We believe that learning changes lives, and we come to work each day inspired to make a difference.

  • Number of staff 140
  • Current foosball champsRyan & Dillon
  • Company goats14
  • Coffee pods recycled2,136
  • Slurpee runs made272
  • GIFs sent per week175
  • Most used emojii😂

Core Values

Our core values shape our personality as a company.

Yardstick has grown a lot over the past decade. Even as we’ve expanded from a team of two to over 80 staff across multiple offices, our core values unite us with a common language and blueprint for what we do and how we do it. They define how we communicate, make decisions, set our priorities, and approach our work each day.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit
Honest & empowered people
Random acts of kindness
Customer delight heroes
A fearless pursuit of excellence

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