We’ve emerged as leaders in high-stakes testing, online training, market research, consulting, and more.

With each new venture our focus is trust. We generate smart, actionable insights, about learners, candidates, products, and programs that affect millions of people every day. Everything we do supports our common goal: to build a safer, more confident world.

Yardstick Assessment Strategies

Yardstick Assessment Strategies designs, delivers, and interprets high-stakes testing and research. We’re guided by best practices and a vital mission: to ensure students, candidates, and professionals are ready. From a small survey to a thousand-candidate exam, our full-service exam administration and data collection team are experts in generating smart, actionable insights.


  • Psychometrics
  • Exam administration
  • Exam delivery software
  • Market research

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Yardstick Training

Training and consulting services that help build a safe, secure, and successful world. Yardstick Software Inc. training experts draw on decades of experience and uncompromising standards to deliver meaningful and engaging technology-driven training. From off-the-shelf courses in a regulated industry to a fully-customized eLearning program, we are your trusted training partner.


  • eLearning development
  • Content partnerships
  • Distribution-focused learning platform
  • Learner verification
  • Credential management

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