Danatec acquires ESPS Inc., transforming the electrical safety industry


August 1, 2017 3 minutes min. read

A new era for the electrical safety training industry

Yardstick subsidiary Danatec has acquired ESPS Inc., electrical safety training leader

Today Danatec Educational Services Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yardstick, announced that they have acquired ESPS Electrical Safety Program Solutions Inc. (www.esps.ca). This represents a pivotal moment for Danatec’s safety business, by consolidating ESPS’s significant subject matter expertise and industry leading online Electrical Safety Training System (www.eststraining.com) with Danatec’s own deep knowledge of regulated spaces and market-leading product development.


For Yardstick, this acquisition represents an important step forward in achieving Yardstick’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal to help 1 billion learners achieve competence by 2025. “Our mission,” says Chris LaBossiere, Yardstick CEO, “has always been to facilitate ‘training that matters.’ In regulated industries that affect us all, such as finance, insurance, real estate and safety, public security depends on our ability to know that professionals and trades workers are qualified to serve us, that they have taken and retained the required training and are ready to apply what they’ve learned. By acquiring industry-leading training providers like ESPS and leveraging innovations such as modern, eLearning management system technologies, learner verification and remote proctoring, Yardstick and Danatec will set a new standard for the defensibility of online training.”

Congratulations Danatec on this exciting step forward, and welcome ESPS to the Yardstick family!