New ideas taking flight


April 5, 2018 min. read

On April 4, 2018, Yardstick Software Inc. invited guests, several politicians and the media to an exclusive event to celebrate our newest business and technology venture: the Hangar and LearnerVerified technology.

Here’s a look into how these new innovations will shape Alberta’s knowledge economy.

Yardstick Software Inc. was excited to welcome 30 guests to their newest space, the Hangar, a 4000 square-foot innovation and business excellence space overlooking Edmonton’s 104 Street. With drinks and snacks from St John’s Institute, guests tuned in to the evening’s speakers to learn more about the company’s latest innovations.

  • Chris LaBossiere, Co-founder and CEO of Yardstick Software Inc.
  • Don Riep, Co-founder and CTO of Yardstick Software Inc.
  • Don Iveson, Mayor of Edmonton
  • Randy Boissonnault, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre and the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 Issues
  • Lorne Dach, MLA for Edmonton-McClung
  • Alina Martin, President, Danatec
  • Beverly Lafortune, Vice President of Training and Community Services, St. John Ambulance, Alberta Council

How will the new Hangar drive innovation?

Innovation matters to our clients, our city and our economy now more than ever. When the co-founders launched the company in 2005, it was a small practice exam company based in Edmonton with a big idea: that technology and innovation could change whole industries. Now the business is taking this idea one step further with the creation of the Hangar.

Overlooking Jasper Ave and 104th Street, this new space will give staff a dedicated place to work on current projects and develop new ideas. The vision for the Hangar is all about creating a place that staff and our clients alike will want to be in. There will be hubs of collaboration with tons of movable furniture, open space, glass and lots of natural lights. We can’t wait to have you tour our new offices when it opens later this year.

Innovative organizations like Yardstick Software Inc. are constantly evolving to remain competitive, and the Hangar will help to foster business excellence and technological advancements for many years to come. The Hangar is designed to improve communication and accelerate decision making. It’s a place for big ideas that will revolutionize Alberta’s knowledge economy. According to Chris LaBossiere, Co-founder and CEO,

“The Hangar gives both our executives and Yardstickers the space to think up our next big ideas, drive business excellence and support the growth of our knowledge economy right here in Edmonton.”

It’s that fearless pursuit of excellence that led to the development of our newest technology, LearnerVerified to combat against online cheating.

This is learner fraud

It’s no secret that the testing, technology and training world changes rapidly. With the click of a button, we can now assign training to thousands of employees, learners and students around the world. It’s convenient, accessible, scalable, and more sophisticated than ever.

Learner fraud is one of the biggest threats to online learning and training, which you can learn more about here. The solution to learner fraud is LearnerVerified.

According to Randy Boissonnault, Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre and the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on LGBTQ2 Issues, “So much depends on how well people in our most vital industries are trained and tested. Without live instruction and defensible training, learners can cheat or have others complete their training.” This homegrown solution will help to fight learner fraud and make Canadians safer, both on and off the job.

The launching of LearnerVerified

The launch of LearnerVerified helps bring the company closer to our shared goal of building a safer, more confident world. Aimed at combating learner fraud, LearnerVerified is one of the first things to come out of our new space. It’s a new technological solution that will change a billion learners’ lives by 2025. More importantly, it will help make Canadians safer.

Thank you again to everyone who attended the event! Your support of companies like ours enables Alberta’s knowledge economy to grow and helps to promote a more safe and secure world for everyone! We hope you enjoy these photos commemorating the event.