Service level agreement

This Uptime Service Level Agreement (this “SLA”) supplements the License Agreement, and together such documents, and others referenced in the License Agreement, form the binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between Yardstick and the Licensee.

Terms defined in the License Agreement will have the same meaning when used in this SLA.

  1. Yardstick Uptime SLA. Yardstick shall use all reasonable commercial efforts, being no less than accepted industrial standards in this regard, to ensure that the Yardstick Platform (Yardstick Measure and/or Yardstick T2) are available to 99.5% of the time in any calendar month.
  2. The following definitions shall apply to the Yardstick Software Uptime SLA.
  1. Performance Standards.
  1. Uptime SLA Exclusions. The Uptime SLA does not apply to any performance issues:

This Yardstick Uptime SLA states your sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by Yardstick to provide the Services as a result of Downtime.