The Yardstick Story: An idea that will uplift a billion learners


May 15, 2017 4 minutes min. read

Reconnecting with where it all began

We’ve come a long way

When Chris LaBossiere and Don Riep launched Yardstick in 2005, it was a small practice exam company with a big idea: that rigorous and creative online testing and training could change how we learn, could transform whole industries.

We’ve come a long way since then, growing from a two person team serving a niche market to an international brand. With over 80 staff in offices across Canada, we work in high-stakes public-serving industries such as finance, insurance, real estate, safety and healthcare.

With each new opportunity, new staff member, new market, new service offering – our brand has evolved. But our purpose, our big corporate “WHY?” has remained constant: to change lives and transform industries through online testing and training.

We think 2018 is going to be a big year for the educational technology and backdrop industry, and a big year for Yardstick. That’s why we decided it was time to reconnect with our original mission.

We’ve gotten a makeover

We’ve given our website a makeover, designed to connect to our growing community. Big personal headlines, catchy taglines, and a colour scheme that’s rooted in where it all began, writing tests with a pencil.

We’ve also partnered with Edmonton writing legends Todd Babiak and Shawn Ohler from Story Engine to craft a master “Yardstick” narrative. We talked to our leadership, sales teams, frontline staff and clients – to dig deep and find out what makes us, and the industries we serve, tick. What gets all of us out of bed each morning, and gets our customers as excited about testing and training as we are. We’re pouring that passion, dedication and excitement back into everything we write, everything we share, and everything we do.

At Yardstick we are in the business of learner success. We can’t wait to share more of our stories with you.