Yardstick Software Inc. partners with St. John Ambulance to develop online First Aid training


July 18, 2017 min. read

A new standard for online First Aid and CPR training

The convenience of accessing life-saving courses anywhere, at anytime

Well-trained people are safer, more confident in their skills, and more successful. Nowhere is that confidence more necessary than in life-threatening situations. That’s why we are thrilled to be partnering with St. John Ambulance – Alberta Council to develop online First Aid and CPR training courses.

Since 1883, St. John Ambulance has delivered quality First Aid and CPR training in communities across Canada. They have touched countless lives, issuing over 100,000 certificates in Alberta each year. By collaborating with SJA on new eLearning courses, Yardstick Software Inc. will help them expand the reach of their in-person offerings and set a new industry standard for online First Aid and CPR training in Canada.


One more step towards helping 1 billion learners by 2025

Yardstick Software Inc. has pledged to help 1 billion learners achieve competency by 2025. As part of this Big Hairy Audacious Goal, we are always happy to find partners like St. John Ambulance who are already delivering high quality training to thousands of learners. By co-funding the development, we are able to bring their training to more learners than ever, and help build a safe, secure and successful world one learner at a time.

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