Knowledge changes lives. We’re aiming for a billion. We’re at right now.

At Yardstick Software Inc., we know that well-trained, well-tested, and well-informed people aren’t just safer–they’re more confident and successful. Since 2002, we’ve used technology, rigour, and a lot of personality to power our software and services. From online learning and computer-based testing to engaged market research, the company has become synonymous with trust and reliability. Together, we help build a safe, secure, and successful world, one insight at a time.

Our story

From high altitude to high-stakes. It all began when our founders Chris and Don started a small practice-exam company to help their fellow pilots prepare for their flight test.

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Our values

The secret sauce that shapes what it means to work here. As our common language and shared blueprint, our values define what is important to us.

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Our leadership team is made up of experienced and hands-on executives, who have dedicated their careers to driving innovation and inspiring their staff.

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Our companies

Yardstick Assessments

Yardstick Assessment Strategies designs, delivers, and interprets high-stakes testing and research. We’re guided by best practices and a vital mission: to ensure students, candidates, and professionals are ready. From a small survey to a thousand-candidate exam, our full-service exam administration and data collection team are experts in generating smart, actionable insights.

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Yardstick Training

Training and consulting services that help build a safe, secure, and successful world. Yardstick Training experts draw on decades of experience and uncompromising standards to deliver meaningful and engaging technology-driven training. From off-the-shelf courses in a regulated industry to a fully-customized eLearning program, we are your trusted training partner.

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An award-winning culture.

Our people are our culture. Our culture is defined by our people, by our shared sense of purpose. When you walk into our offices, you know you’ve arrived somewhere special. People are engaged and energized. The place buzzes. There is a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. Step inside and take a look for yourself.

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